Six Pack Abs In Just 30 Days – Day 8 Diary

six pack abs

Today was Day 8 of my “Six Pack Abs In Just 30 Days” Challenge.  This morning my body was feeling the effects of yesterday’s workouts.  I had a long sleep in this morning only waking up at 9.40am which is very late for me.  However when getting less sleep each night during the week (as I am right now) take advantage of opportunity to get more at the weekend.  For the last two mornings I have slept later as haven’t had to get up at 7.30am to get Max sorted for school.  It is crucial that you get quality sleep.  Even though for 4 nights of the week I have only been getting 5 and 1/2 hours sleep each night it is high quality as I make sure to relax my mind before sleep.  I ensure this by reading and/or stretching.  Make sure to do same.

So today I had 2 workouts and normal routine regarding food but I did make a curry for the first time ever so check out details of that below. It was yummy if I say so myself.  I am enjoying all the questions and interactions across social media so far so I welcome any of your questions, comments and feedback at any time so make sure to communicate as you wish.

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So here is today’s summary both in the following video and the text below the video.

Press Play Button to hear my “Six Pack Abs In Just 30 Days” Day 8 VLog

Today started at 9.45am with a glass of water and lemon followed by a litre of  water.  I only use Alkaline Ionised Water.

Six Pack Abs In Just 30 Days : Training Day #8

After sorting a few household chores it was time to complete my first workout of the day at 10.15am. My workouts are all modified from the structured workouts of Dave Sheahan Home Workout System

Today I did a 4 exercise circuit with a minute on each exercise giving everything I could to each exercise and then had 20 seconds rest between circuits.  I completed 7 circuits so workout was about the 30 minute mark.  The exercises were skipping, boxing (20 seconds hooks, 20 seconds uppercuts and 20 seconds high jabs), strides and hanging knee raises.

SixPack Abs In Just 30 Days : Day #8 Exercise Demonstrations

Click a specific image to watch a demonstration of that particular exercise from today’s workout

six pack abssix pack abssix pack abs
six pack abs

Then at 6.30pm I went for my 2nd workout today which was a 30 minute steady run. As my legs were very tired and there was some DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) I ran on a flat straight route.

Six Pack Abs In 30 Days : Day #8 Nutrition Plan

My Nutrition Today was as follows :

11am Meal 1 : Smoothie made with Sevenpoint2 Greens and Shake, kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, apple, and water Check out more about Sevenpoint2 products by clicking here

11.45am  Meal 2 : Porridge, banana, raisins, SM

1.45pm – Meal 3: 2 Slice of wholemeal 5 seed bread with Hummus and a salad of lettuce, grated carrot, tomatoes and onion

5.30pm – Meal 4 : Homemade Chickpea/Potato/Spinach curry, with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, herbs and steamed white rice

10.30pm – Meal 5 : Bowl of Muesli, rice & wheat flakes and soya milk

Total Water Intake : 5 litres

Green Tea : 3 cups

I also took 4 Sevenpoint2 Recovery capsules straightsix pack abs after my workout and also at 8.30pm – these make such a difference to both training performance and importantly speed of recovery. Click Here to check out more details at

Below are images of my various meals and snacks for Day 4
six pack abs six pack abssix pack abs
six pack abs

six pack abs

So that is the Day 8 Summary.  Have you any questions?  Any comments?  Feel free to post them at the bottom of this blogpost.

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