Rise Every Time You Fall

In about 5 inutes I am off out for 25 Km cycle.  We are entering a 170km race in July so full steam ahead training for that now.

Also I have set target of completing 1000 squats in a training session which with rest periods will last 2 and ½ hours.  Sounds like hell?  It will be. But life is all about setting challenges isn’t it.  Watch out for video in the next few days where I will explain what I am doing and you may even want to join me!!

Enjoy today’s content.

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“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” 

– Confucius

What we perceive as “failure” is actually a blessing once we learn from the experience.  Life is full of challenges and obstacles and getting over them is the key to success.

If we don’t take risks and if we don’t “fail” we can never grow.  Everyone who has achieved success has had more “failures” than successes but have ended up where they wanted.

Just like you and the various attempts you have made to lose weight or gain muscle or get fitter.  Those times you “failed” you would have learned some valuable lessons – did you look for them?

Keep rising.

Exercise Tip
Exercise first thing in the morning for best kickstart to your metabolism. 

First thing in the morning you need to kickstart your metabolism and exercise is the best way. Think of it like a fire where you have to get the fire blazing to start burning fuel. Exercising first thing does this.

It is then up to you to keep it up there.  There is no better start to the day physically and mentally as you will feel energised and so positive.

So give yourself a valuable kickstart each morning even if only for 10 minutes.

Nutritional Tip
Carbohydrates are turned into glycogen after being digested and an excessive arbohydrate intake will result in “storage” in fat cells. 

This is why we always tell you to leave at least 4 hours between your last meal and going to sleep.  Your body does something similar to a stock take at night.

If you have excess carbohydrates it will get stored in the liver as glycogen and if not used in the following couple of days (it won’t unless serious athlete) it will get converted to fat.

So control your portions of carbohydrates – stick to something that equates to ¼ plate or a fistful.

The more essential fats you eat the more active your fat burning gene and hormones are. So eat lots of oily fish like salmon, trout and mackeral as well as nuts and nut butters and also avocados.


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