Not being able to do everything

How are you today? I am fine and refreshed now and we had a Bank Holiday Weekend in Ireland. I didn’t go anywhere or do anything special but stayed offline for the majority of the weekend. Taking 2 consecutive days – Sunday and Monday – pretty much entirely off was a real tonic. Make sure to balance your life between work and time off as I am sure you can agree that much of the time you have the balance lopsided – right? Life is for living, don’t forget it.

Loving my new training regime. Now 3 weeks into it. It is a return to the training I love – bodybuilding. Nothing requires as much dedication and sacrifice as when aiming to build muscle and strip fat fast. Having spent the majority of past 2 years participating in endurance events this is a whole shock to my body, but one I am enjoying. No matter what you are currently training for the key is to have a specific plan and to remain focused and consistent.

Keep the momentum going this week and feel free to share with me what your current training regime and goals are. And of course any questions you may have.

Here’s for you today.

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Not being able to do everything is no excuse for not doing everything you can.
~ Ashleigh Brilliant

How often have you considered doing something only for the bad guy in your head as well as others to highlight why you can’t succeed and focusing on what you can’t do?  This is always the initial challenge of kicking off a new idea, goal etc  True you can’t do everything.  Nor can I.  True you are not expert at everything.  Nor am I.  True you are not going to be perfect throughout the journey and will will give into temptation and laziness at times.  So do I.  But you can promise yourself that you will do everything you can to be as successful as you can. This is all you can ask of yourself. And it is all I ever ask of myself.

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Keep a record of your activities. Reward yourself at special milestones. Nothing motivates like success!

I have a training and nutrition journal which I fill out daily. This is my most important tool in achieving success in my training regimes. Our bodies are amazing in that they will adapt to anything you through at it once you feed it adequately to ensure quick recovery. So make sure to plan each workout and plan to progress each workout. And set definite goal deadlines and milestones. And at each milestone reward yourself. We all work off incentives so put them in place and watch yourself drive towards them.

  high fiber   Nutritional Tip  
A high-fiber diet may help prevent diabetes, heart disease, cancer and weight gain.

Eating a high fiber diet is of huge importance. Fibre is found in eating lots of fruits, vegetables and salad in particular as well as grains. This is crucial to having a good digestive system but also in slowing the release of the sugars in the carbohydrate sources you eat. And for your general health and disease prevention it is of vital importance. Make sure you consume a high percentage of high fiber foods daily. The healthier and more nutritionally balanced your meals are the further away you are moving from potential disease. You are what you eat!


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