Gratitude Attitude : Why Is This A Powerful Habit?

gratitude attitude

Adopting a gratitude attitude is powerful and each evening in my journal I note 3 things I am grateful for from the day just finished. This is a daily habit I recommend to all my clients and am now recommending to you. Why is a gratitude attitude so powerful?

Why Is A Gratitude Attitude Powerful?

Success ultimately is detemined by our thought process. If we largely think negatively our actions are negative. If we think positively our actions are positive and progressive and we move closer to success. Make sense? So the more positive daily habits you have the better. Our minds are a minefield and it is up to you to create the right positive environment for success. We live in a fast paced world where our focus is always on what is next. We rarely take time to celebrate success or even to live in the present. There is so much we should be consciously aware of and be grateful for but our lifestyle doesn´t allow for this.

Why I Adopted A Gratitude Attitude :

PRESS PLAY on the following video to hear about how adopting a gratitude attitude positively impacted my life.  I also discuss what I am grateful for daily and a daily habit that will have a big impact on your life.

This is why you need to start becoming conscious of having a gratitude attitude. For example yesterday was my birthday and I was inundated with birthday wishes across social media. I was so grateful that hundreds of people took the time to send me birthday wishes. I was grateful my wife made me my favourite chocolate cake. I was grateful for the lovely batman tshirt my son bought me. I was grateful to my family for making it a memorable birthday. The point is that I have a gratitude attitude and consciously remain aware of all I have to be grateful for each day.

How You Too Can Adopt A Gratitude Attitude :

What have you to be grateful for today? Who brightened up your day? was the weather beautiful? Did nature impact your life today? Was someone kind to you today?

So from today I advise you to note 3 things you have to be grateful for today in your journal. Make this a daily habit. Start adopting a gratitude attitude. Just see the impact on your life and attitude and mood. You will be surprised.

So remember that life and success is about moving forward and creating new positive habits. Always focus on taking positive progressive steps to success each day. An attitude of gratitude is powerful. Just focus on moving forward and this is a major key to success in life.

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