Acknowledge And Celebrate Success In This Fast Paced World

celebrate success

Do you Celebrate Success ? Do you acknowledge your little successes? Do you manage to enjoy the journey or are you too focused on getting to your desired goal or outcome? These are the questions I want to ask you in this week´s post.

You Don´t Have Time To Celebrate Success

In the fast paced world in which we live unfortunately most people never celebrate success and focus all the time on what is next to be done. There is a total focus on outcomes vs the journey. This is a big mistake as it is the journey that is the fun part of the process. Also when we reach a goal we always set a new goal and then start working towards that. Hence why so many people feel unsuccessful and unfulfilled with contrary is often true.

Why You Should Acknowledge And Celebrate Success

PRESS PLAY on the following video to hear about my personal strategy and daily practice for acknowledging and celebrating success.

Every journey requires little successes along the way to move closer to the ultimate goal. Even if you are looking to climb a stairs you must get on step 1 then step 2 step 3 step 5 step 10 and so on until you reach the top. You must change your mindset and enjoy the journey more and importantly acknowledge each success along the way. Celebrate success especially the big ones. Maybe you publish a book, have your first event, get a new client etc Celebrate these milestones. Don´t just move onto what is next. Maybe you lost your first 7 pounds or went down a notch in your belt. Celebrate success.

Celebrate Success From Today

So from today I advise you to note 3 successes for today in your journal. Make this a daily habit. Just see the impact on your life and attitude and mood. You will be surprised. You may feel certain days were a waste until you see these 3 successes. It is rare than anyone has a day without some level of success.

So remember that life and success is about moving forward and creating new positive habits. Always focus on taking positive progressive steps to success each day. Celebrating Success is powerful and when you make it a habit you will feel the energy and self belief it will instill in you.

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