DAVE SHEAHAN is a well respected High Performance Coach and Founder of “Formula 4 Success” coaching Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Corporations to achieve sustained high performance and realise their full potential. Dave specialises in coaching Professional Footballers, triathletes and athletes and teams in various sports as well as working with large corporations and entrepreneurs.

Dave’s Coaching is designed to educate, motivate and inspire individuals, teams and corporations to realise their full potential and an important part of the process is regaining control over one’s body,mind and health and in so doing achieve success and balance in the other 3 key areas of their lives – relationships, professional and wealth. As Dave says regaining control over your body/mind/health is the catalyst to success in all other areas.

His focus is not just on achieving FAST results but more importantly LASTING results. Dave works with clients creating balanced LIFESTYLES not temporary quickfix solutions thus creating fun, vibrant, fulfilling and successful lives.

Client Transformations

He has also been the Celebrity Personal Trainer to likes of Cranberries and many National TV Personalities, Elite Coach to N.S.C.A. Bronze Medalists in 2008 International Index Championships, Corporate Fitness Adviser to Large Multinational Companies, Elite Coach to Body For Life winners 5 years running, Elite Mentor of Trainers & Fitness Business Owners plus thousands of Clients around the world whose lives have been transformed. Dave also dedicated 10 years owning and managing his own branded chain of Fitness Centres with over 50 staff and contractors as part of his team.

Dave Sheahan now competes as a Vegan Triathlete and has also been a Body for Life Champion as well as being shortlisted for UK Gladiators and has completed many international triathlons and marathons including the New York and Paris Marathons  and at one stage holding a record in Guinness Book of Records for rowing.

IphoneMemory060312 560As well as being seen and heard on several top rating T.V. & Radio Stations,      featured in Newspapers, guest expert on webinars and teleseminars Dave is an    International Speaker and organizer of his own Formula 4 Success LIVE Events and  Bootcamps internationally. He is also the author of 6 Weeks to a Cover Model Body”  and has co-authored many books including “Adventures in Manifesting” with Best  Selling Authors such as Joe Vitale & Lorel Langemeier from “The Secret”. He is c  currently writing is Formula 4 Success Series of Books giving his exact Formula   4  Success for success in Relationships, Body/Mind/Heath, Professional and Wealth.

Dave continues to tirelessly dedicate his life to inspiring, educating, and playing a  role in changing the lives of millions of people worldwide by providing unique  coaching programmes to help people live their true and full potentials.

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